Multiplicity: The Irritation of Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

I faced a dilemma recently. Since I returned to Facebook (FB )after a two-year hiatus, I have mainly checked my primary account (mind you, I have more than one due to previous lives/professions/life stages, but I can’t even get into those anymore). I also had what I called my business FB account, which was under my previous job and where I hardly posted; when I did post, I kept it clean because of the business contacts there.  However, now that I’m rolling solo again, I needed to make some changes to that biz account.

Which brings me to a dilemma: how to be in two (or even three) places at the same time, social media-lly speaking.

It’s simple, yet complicated: I used to check my primary account on my smartphone (the layout is easier on my nerves LOL), my biz account on my laptop, and my side hustle on my tablet. Now, since my tablet  has given up the ghost (and I’ve eased back on said side hustle), I don’t check that account much. Which leaves primary and biz accounts.  My biz account was previously linked to my biz email; now, I’ve updated that email so that I can keep up with various and sundry notifications–especially people who automatically tag me and message me on my biz account, because it’s under my more easily recognizable government name (even though they are also on my personal account, where I post a lot, but I digress).

I need Facebook to be like Google or Twitter: I have multiple accounts there, as well, but they are both  set up so that I can easily flip between the accounts as needed. That’s very helpful as I keep boundaries between my personal life and my professional one. FB? Nope. You are locked into viewing/posting via one account, and one account only. Boundaries? Not on their watch!

As my duties increase going forward, I may have to look into one of those platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer or something. I guess. I’ll figure it out.

Anyway, now I have to get used to the changing of the guard. I hope I remember to post my snark in the proper place.


Thanks for stopping by.


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