Clarion Write-A-Thon Day 5

Target goal: 25,000 words

Target daily goal: 775 words

Today’s word count: 801

Total words written: 3,808 words


Today’s story path took a darker turn than I’d expected. This could be good, if I do it correctly. This turn of events is a direct result of making one of my main characters much older than originally written. When you’re younger, you tend to have a more optimistic view of things. As one gets older, it gets harder to hold on to that optimism. My character is slowly beginning to see that what she thought, and what is, are different. Not quite The Matrix, but there is a definite awakening of the true self.

I’m cutting this short because I am watching the NBA draft. In case you didn’t know, I am a die-hard basketball fan, with a special love for college basketball. I’m paying more attention to this NBA draft because some of my favorite players from this past NCAA season are in it, and this is heightening my interest in the NBA this upcoming season.

Thanks for stopping by.


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