Back in the Saddle! Camp NaNoWriMo–Day 17

Target goal: 50,000 words

Target daily goal: 1,615 words

Today’s word count:  1,477

Total words written:  5,717 words


WHEEEEE!! I have finally gotten The Camille Chronicles in the paddock, and am awaiting the upcoming pre-launch. Now, I have turned my attention back to Camp NaNoWriMo (as well as Clarion Write-A-Thon, but that will be a separate post).  I obviously need to focus on one major project at a time; my writing suffers, as you’ve seen, when I have it scattered hither and yon.

Today, while waiting for my mom in a doctor’s appointment, I actually got some writing done (Shoutout to the Samsung Galaxy Note!). I found that joy again, in the pure creation, and it was good. It was a nice respite from the business of self-publishing (you know: setting up distribution rights, EINs, royalty calculations, etc).

Anyway, I’m still delving deeper into the character of Lucien Bastille. I’ve figured out my betrayal moment and am working my way to that moment. His character’s backstory also requires a lot of research, as the time period and location lend to certain weather conditions, illnesses, and all that.

I’ve done 1,477 words so far, and I’m still writing. I may be up very late tonight because the book is flowing. Reunited…and it feels so good!

Thanks for stopping by.


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