Camp NaNoWriMo–Day 21

Target goal: 50,000 words

Target daily goal: 1,615 words

Today’s word count:  0

Total words written:  7,722 words


I went on a bit of a writing rampage this weekend and wrote over 2,000 words in one sitting. It was great.

I’m really getting into the backstories of two characters who are only mentioned in passing in the Bastille Family Novel series, as these characters are pivotal to how some events play out in the upcoming six books. It’s kind of a “sins of the father” type of deal, which gives me a lot to work with.

I’m enjoying the research, and getting into the periods in which certain parts of the book are set. Segueing from 1940s speech patterns to 1970s, to 2000s, is a bit of a challenge, especially since I’m dealing with a certain part of the population that isn’t really affected by broader linguistic changes (e.g., slang, etc). While doing some research I forgot about a major historical occurrence,  and I need to work that into the story at least a little.

Even though I won’t reach the 50,000-word goal, I at least have something substantive to work on after Camp NaNoWriMo is over. I do have to thank the Camp for providing the space for me to get started.

No writing today because I am beginning the pre-launch for The Camille Chronicles tomorrow. Make sure to check your inboxes tomorrow morning for an informative post, and a special something from me to my subscribers.

Thanks for stopping by.





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