Stat Spike Scare: NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo day 19

Total word count goal: 50,000

Total blog post goal: 30

Today’s word count: 1,790

Today’s blog count: 20

Total words written: 33,324

Total blog posts: 20

Not much to write about today, except that I had a bit of a nervous moment early this morning. As I’d mentioned in my previous post, I continued to write after I posted to the blog, and to NaBloPoMo. I finished around 1:30 am or so. Shortly thereafter, I was reading some articles on Medium when I got a notification from WordPress that I was experiencing a heavy traffic spike on my blog. At first I was excited, but when I only saw one “like” notification on that particular post and no “follows”, I decided to check the blog stats. I saw that there were three hits from the United States, and  46 hits from Indonesia.


I know no one in Indonesia, and I’ve never been under the impression that anyone over there would be interested in yesterday’s post topic, which was the failure of the United States public school system. Then I thought about the various spam comments on my blog (thank you, Akismet, for catching them all!). Then I got nervous: was someone trying to hack my blog? I have security features in place, but I did have a brief moment of panic where I was afraid that some hacker extraordinaire would get into my blog for the fun of it and send out lewd post, before erasing everything. But, since everything seems to be intact, I guess it’s fine.

Still, it’s an unfortunate side effect of the technological age in which we live.  Hackers abound on the internet; they flourish like mushrooms after a spring rain. And while some only use their powers for good, others like the thrill of the hack, particularly in areas where they think they won’t be missed.

That brief moment of panic made my sleep a bit restless. I hope that my safeguards continue to be in place.

Hope everyone is making progress on their writing.

Thanks for stopping by.


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