General Documentation

Documentation covers many things. If you have ever read a training manual, style guide, magazine article, or instructions on how to set up your phone, then you’ve used documentation. You’ve probably also noticed how much easier things are when you are able to understand what you’re reading, and when the instructions are clear to follow.

Depending on your industry, writing may not be your strength. You know how to do something in your head, and can tell someone verbally but writing down clear instructions for others to follow–maybe not so much.

I can work with you to draft documentation for your business needs, including:

  • Technical documentation (user manuals)
  • Style guides
  • White papers


Academia is known for its “publish or perish” mandate, which can add extra stress for those pursuing graduate degrees. I can help you write cohesive articles that meet the requirements of your defense committees.

Are you just starting your higher education journey? I’ve interviewed potential students for my alma mater and sat on the board of my local alumni club, where I helped judge essay contests; I am very familiar with what a good essay looks like with regard to college applications.

Contact me if you need specific help with the following:

  • Journal articles
  • Graduate theses
  • College essays

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