Goodreads, Dentists, and Tapping Out


Thanks to prodding from a friend, I now have a Goodreads account. Feel free to stop by and peruse, and leave a review (if you happen to have stumbled across the book on Amazon or Nook ;)) should you feel inclined. 😀

My morning started out inauspiciously with an excruciating toothache at 3:30 am. It was so bad, I was calling on every deity I could think of for relief…and my generic Aleve had expired. *fights the air* I managed to find my last 800-mg Motrin tablet, and that plus an ice pack gave me enough relief to sleep. The morning looked up when my dentist’s office called and said they had a last-minute cancellation, and did I want to move up my afternoon appointment instead?

YES, PLEASE! *happy dance* I was wondering how I was going to eat something, since food (courtesy of an abcess) made the area beneath a tooth throb mercilessly.

Two hours, multiple x-rays, a teeth cleaning and a treatment later, I left the dentist’s office with a follow-up appointment for a deeper cleaning, and prescriptions for an antibiotic and painkillers. After dinner, I was quite thankful for the meds, which ended up being quite affordable. Obamacare FTW!

Oh, and I also walked 3.5 miles today.

Needless to say, I’ll probably tap out early tonight…I will try to stay awake for Graceland.

Thanks for stopping by.